April 24, 2024

WGN Pennant

WGN Pennant

WGN Districts Pennants are supported by Golf NSW and are governed by an autonomous committee. All competition enquiries should be directed to the competition organisers.

WGN Pennant is a handicap pennant for lady golfers with a GA Handicap.

There are two pennant competitions run each year.

Mid-Week (Mondays) runs from May – July each year.

Weekend (Sundays) runs from October – November each year.

At an annual meeting in October each year selects a management team, made up of representatives from participating clubs to oversee the running of the Pennants.

At present the area covers from Lynwood in the North West to Campbelltown in the South West up to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains.

Currently clubs involved are Dunheved, Camden (Studley Park), Campbelltown, Glenmore Heritage, Lakeside, Leonay, Lynwood, Penrith, Richmond, Springwood, Wentworth Falls and Windsor.

Honor Roll: WGN Midweek

2019 Camden
2018 Richmond South West

Honor Roll: WGN Sunday

2019 Lynwood
2018 Lynwood

Event Contact:

For further information email: wgnpennants@gmail.com

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