September 27, 2023

Srixon NSW Mid-Amateur

Srixon NSW Mid-Amateur


In the event of the entry applications exceeding the number of places available in the Championship (220), entrants will be determined by a handicap ballot, based on the GA handicap at the close of entries as per the Terms of Competition.

Players List, with their current GA HCP will be updated every two(2) weeks. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed without delay (once entries have closed) and will be given the opportunity to compete if withdrawals subsequently occur.


The SRIXON NSW Mid Amateur Championship is a 54 hole tournament open to all amateur golfers aged 30 and over.

The Golf Australia Handicap limit for men is 12.4 and for women is 20.4.

The Srixon NSW Mid Amateur Championship is becoming a popular event with capacity fields in both the men’s and women’s sections. Players who are considering entering the Championship should do so early.

The men’s and women’s Champions will be placed in an exemption category for the respective NSW Open’s. Entry into the NSW Open’s will depend upon the availability of players in the higher-ranked exemption categories.

Honor Roll: Men

2022 Lindsay Ross
2021 Christopher Campbell
2020 Christopher Campbell
2019 Christopher Campbell
2018 Mark Boulton
2017 Mark Boulton
2016 Logan Toms
2015 Andrew Tharle
2014 Damian Jordan
2013 M Gaffney
2012 Andrew Tharle
2011 M Neaton
2010 Guy Wall
2009 Adam Revai
2008 Lester Peterson
2007 John Fernley
2006 Adam Revai

Honor Roll: Women

2022 Gemma Dooley
2021 Stacie MacDonald
2020 Lucie Quilliam
2019 Adele Douglas
2018 Colette Blacklock
2017 Jan Crichton
2016 Jan Crichton
2015 Sharon Thompson
2014 Gemma Dooley
2013 Gemma Dooley
2012 Sharon Thompson
2011 Kim Bourke
2010 Jill Blenkey
2009 Gemma Dooley
2008 Sharon Nott
2007 Gemma Dooley

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