May 29, 2023

Metropolitan Major Pennant

Metropolitan Major Pennant

5.3. All teams entered in Metropolitan Major Pennant competition must provide one hour of tee times on the designated date of the Semi Finals and Relegation Contests. If a team is in a Semi Final or Relegation Contest, that hour of tee times will be utilised on the designated date. Golf NSW will contact teams in Semi Finals and Relegation Contests the next day following the final preliminary round to confirm tee times.
*Semi Finals & Relegations Draws will be available by Monday 6th March @ 5:00pm.




The Metropolitan Major Pennant and Women’s Metropolitan Major Pennant are inter-club teams matchplay contests held on Sundays between Late January and Late March.

Preliminary rounds are expected to commence on  January 29th, 2023.

Contested between two teams of seven (7) individual matches for men or five (5) individual matches for women, Metropolitan Major Pennant and Women’s Metropolitan Major Pennant is open to all Sydney Clubs that are affiliated with Golf NSW.

Clubs participating in the Metropolitan Major Pennant are divided into five (5) divisions with four (4) sections in each division for men and two (2) divisions with two (2) sections in each division for women. Each club may be represented by one team only.

The competition is played over 18-holes of match play without the benefit of handicap and is conducted in a home-and-away format wherever possible.

Depending on the number of nominations, the Major Pennant season consists of up to six preliminary rounds, followed by semi-finals and finals. Promotion and relegation between Divisions usually occur.

Players must be amateur golfers who are current financial members of the Club and is subject to conditions (see Terms of Competition for details).


Pennant Tables

Honor Roll: Division 1 Men's Metro Major Pennant

2022 The Australian
2021 St. Michael’s
2020 St. Michael’s
2019 New South Wales
2018 New South Wales
2017 The Australian
2016 Bonnie Doon
2015 St. Michael’s
2014 Mona Vale
2013 St. Michael’s
2012 St. Michael’s
2011 Moore Park
2010 St. Michael’s
2009 Moore Park
2008 Moore Park
2007 The Australian
2006 Cronulla
2005 Liverpool
2004 Castle Hill
2003 Fox Hills
2002 Liverpool
2001 Cronulla
2000 Monash CC
1999 The Lakes
1998 Killara
1997 Pymble
1996 The Lakes
1995 The Lakes
1994 Bankstown
1993 Bonnie Doon
1992 Killara
1991 Killara
1990 Killara
1989 New Brighton
1988 Moore Park
1987 Pennant Hills
1986 St. Michael’s
1985 Castle Hill
1984 Bonnie Doon
1983 New South Wales
1982 The Lakes
1981  Moore Park
1980 Pennant Hills
1979 Moore Park
1978 Pennant Hills
1977 Bonnie Doon
1976 Moore Park
1975 New South Wales
1974 Moore Park
1973 St. Michael’s
1972 New South Wales
1971 Pennant Hills
1970 St. Michael’s
1969 New South Wales
1968 The Lakes
1967 The Australian
1966 Bankstown
1965 The Lakes
1964 Bonnie Doon
1963 The Lakes
1962 The Lakes
1961 The Lakes
1960 The Australian
1959 The Australian
1958 Bonnie Doon
1957 St. Michael’s
1956 St. Michael’s
1955 New South Wales
1954 Bonnie Doon
1953 New South Wales
1952 St. Michael’s
1951 New South Wales
1950 Concord
1949 Concord
1948 New South Wales
1947 The Lakes
1946 New South Wales
1940-45 Not Played
1939 Ryde-Parramatta
1938 Royal Sydney
1937: The Lakes
1936 Bonnie Doon
1935 New South Wales
1934 Royal Sydney
1933 New South Wales
1932 Bonnie Doon
1931 Manly
1930 Royal Sydney

Honor Roll: Women's Metro Major Pennant

Division One
2022  The Australian
2021   The Australian
2020  The Australian
2019   Concord
2018   Concord
2017   Avondale
2016   The Australian
2015   Pennant Hills
2014   Concord

Division Two
2022  Pymble
2021  Moore Park
2020  Avondale
2019   Cronulla
2018   Stonecutters Ridge
2017   St. Michael’s

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