Jean Derrin Trophy

Jean Derrin Trophy

The Jean Derrin Trophy is open to female amateur golfers who are affiliated with a Golf NSW club. They must hold a current Australian or overseas equivalent handicap of 8.4 and under. The competition runs over the calendar year.

Players are no longer required to register with Golf NSW to participate. Results are automatically added to the Jean Derrin averages table after they participate in their first Jean Derrin event for the year.

Jean Derrin events (see attached calendar) are run by the individual host clubs. Clubs may apply to host a Jean Derrin event by contacting Golf NSW. Clubs that host a Jean Derrin event must meet minimum requirements and be approved by Golf NSW.

Selected National Ranking Events are also included on the list of counting events.

The winner of the Jean Derrin Trophy will be the player with the lowest scoring average for the season, and who has played a minimum of 15 rounds.

PLEASE NOTE: Jean Derrin averages show all competitors, regardless of playing the required amount of rounds for qualification.

Honor Roll: The Jean Derrin Trophy

2023: Claire Shin
2022: Kelsey Bennett
2021: Kelsey Bennett
2020: N/A (Covid-19)
2019 Grace Kim
2018 Grace Kim
2017 Hannah Park
2016 Grace Kim
2015 Celina Yuan
2014 Shelly Shin
2013 Shelly Shin
2012 Olivia Wilson
2011 Adriana Brent
2010 Justine Lee
2009 Julie Boland
2008 Rebecca Flood
2007 Alizah Kendler
2006 Frances Bondad
2005 Sarah Oh
2004 Katy Jarochowicz
2003 Sarah Kemp
2002 Nikki Campbell
2001 Nadina Taylor
2000 Nikki Campbell
1999 Carlie Butler
1998 Michelle Ellis
1997 Adele Bannerman
1996 Cherie Byrnes
1995 Julie Swanson
1994 Tracey Hale
1993 Joanne Mills
1992 R Heatherington
1991 T Hale
1990 E Kennedy
1989 E Cavill
1988 E Cavill
1987 E Kennedy
1986 D Hutton
1985 E Kennedy
1984 E Cavill
1983 E Kennedy
1982 E Kennedy
1981 P Bleeck
1980 D Hutton
1979 E Kennedy
1978 E Cavill
1977 B Gannon
1976 P Bleeck
1975 E Cavill
1974 E Cavill
1973 P Bleeck
1972 P Bleeck

Event Contact:

Jack Kessell

Phone No.:

02 9505 9105

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