Encourage Shield

Encourage Shield

The Encourage Shield is an annual handicap match-play competition for teams of juniors from Golf Clubs in the Sydney Metropolitan Region.

The objective of the Encourage Shield is to provide young golfers with the opportunity to test their skills and learn match-play competition in an environment that is fun, supportive and free of undue interference.

The competition is handicap match play over 18 holes.  Each contest will comprise six individual matches. Each Individual match counts for one point.

The Encourage Shield is an excellent opportunity for those juniors who are not yet at the Junior Pennant level.  It gives them a chance to learn the art of Matchplay so in the future when they are taking the step into Junior Pennant they are prepared.

Boys and girls are eligible to play and may play off their current daily handicap which has a maximum for boys at 36 and a maximum for girls at 45.

Honor Roll: The Encourage Shield

2019 Lynwood
2018 Moore Park
2017 Moore Park
2016 Oatlands
2015 Monash
2014 Richmond
2013 Concord
2012 Bankstown
2011 Kareela
2010 Woolooware
2009 Dunheved
2008 Woolooware
2007 St Michael’s
2006 Dunheved
2005 Monash
2004 Bankstown
2003 Royal Sydney
2002 Strathfield
2001 Cabramatta
2000 Cumberland
1999 Wakehurst
1998 Strathfield
1997 Antill Park
1996 Camden
1995 Castle Hill
1994 Bankstown
1993 Camden
1992 North Ryde
1991 Cronulla
1990 New Brighton
1989 Cabramatta
1988 Ashlar
1987 Bonnie Doon
1986 Cromer
1985 Cromer
1984 Liverpool
1983 North Ryde
1982 Liverpool
1981 Liverpool
1980 Cumberland
1979 Cumberland
1978 North Ryde
1977 Cabramatta
1976 Cumberland
1975 Cabramatta
1974 Ashlar
1973 Ryde-Parramatta
1972 Oatlands
1971 Castle Hill

Event Contact:

Ethan Keane

Phone No.:

02 9505 9105

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