Riverina District Golf Association

The Riverina District Golf Association was formed in 1924 and stretches from Wagga Wagga south towards the Murray River and west towards the Hay Plains.

Formed in 1924 with the goal to bring some uniformity and control over handicapping of the sport within the district, around 20 clubs began the process of Association. the sport grew quickly, and within a few years the number of affiliated clubs had reached 51.

Due to the growing size of the fledgling association, in 1931 a group of clubs formed the South West association.

Due to the popularity of the sport between the wars, the district continued to grow, and by 1938 had reached a massive 61 clubs, making it the largest golfing district in the State.

The second world war played its’ part, however, and many clubs were forced to close down, reducing the number from 52 in 1939 to 18 by 1945.

After the cessation of hostilities, interest in the sport was revived and membership increased to 34 affiliated clubs in 1946. Today, the District is comprised of 12 clubs.


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