Compact Website

Compact Website

Every golf club needs a good website – why?·

Potential visitors or members will often search your site before dropping into your Club – creating a good first impression is critical, and builds credibility.

A website provides around the clock access to guests – it’s convenient and makes key information available outside normal business hours.

People now expect it. Having a website allows you to market your Club in a very cost-effective way. Using print media, radio, television etc is expensive. Online advertising provides a much more affordable alternative, and not having a website means losing business

If your Club does not have a website, or has an old site ready for updating, Golf NSW has developed an affordable Compact Website solution for all Clubs.

Developed and managed by MiClub, one of the leading developers of golf specific websites in the country, the platform is generic in the number of pages and menus available, but can be personalised to your Club in terms of fonts, colours, images etc.

A number of design templates are available to choose from: – It’s easy to use – a training manual is provided, along with an online training session.

Support is also just a phone call away at MiClub

The cost of the site is:·$1,000 for initial development and set-up·$600 per year for ongoing hosting and support

However, Golf NSW will fund the cost of a new website for any affiliated Club for the first 2 years.

That is:

Set-up Cost  = $1,000
1stYear Hosting and Support  = $600
2ndYear Hosting and Support  = $600·


Contact Info:

If you are interested in a new website for your Club, contact Piret Gardiner, Marketing Manager:
Ph: 9505 9105

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