The New South Wales Golf Foundation is the charitable body that administers and manages grants throughout the NSW golf community.

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Golf NSW and an independent entity with a Board of Governors. Its charter is to build and develop the sport in the State for all who play the game to ensure its strong future. Its motto: “Driving golf forward in NSW.”

Golf is an institution that enjoys membership numbers and social engagement on a scale that’s barely matched by any other sport in our State. At times, however, some of our members face challenges in keeping a community association or maintaining participation levels for reasons beyond their control.

Since the Foundation was established in 2001, it has provided financial support to numerous worthy causes across the golfing community of NSW.

Organisational Charter

The Foundation considers applications for financial assistance throughout the year from clubs and supporting organisations who can demonstrate hardships of the kind outlined in the application or who are growing and developing golf in NSW.

Grants that are awarded go towards projects, programs and services which benefit both golf and the community.

The NSW Golf Foundation is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). Pursuant to the ASF listing in the Income Tax Assessment (1997) (Division 30, Sect 20-90), donations of $2.00 AUD or more to the Foundation are Tax Deductible.

Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction, however the ASF’s structure makes it possible for you to indicate an approved projects as the preferred beneficiary of your gift, which in this case is the NSW Golf Foundation.

Electronic Applications are now available for grants from the NSW Golf Foundation. To apply, click on the blue button labelled Online Applications:

Foundation Board of Governors

Tegan Purcell – chair
Meralyn Fage
Grant Harding
Peter Mitchell

Info & Online Applications:

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Grant Guidelines
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Key Initiatives:

2020 Golf NSW Bushfire Relief Fund

2022 Golf NSW Flood Recovery Fund