Buddy Club Program

Buddy Club Program

The Buddy Club Program is an initiative of Golf NSW designed to foster partnerships between large metropolitan clubs and small regional organisations across the State.

The program’s aim is to enhance the health of our affiliated clubs and the sustainability of the sport through closer ties between organisations by sharing resources, knowledge, business systems and a mutual understanding of the golf club industry.

The assistance clubs can offer can include access to surplus equipment, interclub golf activities and social functions.

Direct financial support to a “Buddy Club” is not expected, nor is it a requirement to be involved in the program.

Since its inception, the Buddy Club Program has helped over 100 clubs develop relationships across the State.

Asquith and Parkes Golf Clubs formed a relationship through the Buddy Club program in 2015 with great success.

Both Clubs agree that the partnership has been beneficial, and strengthened a prior connection between the two clubs.

Matthew Furze, General Manager of Asquith Golf Club, said “Asquith has had for some time a relationship with Parkes Golf Club, whereby each club would host the other every two years for an interclub competition.

“The Buddy Club program has broadened this relationship; We are able to assist Parkes by sharing knowledge and resources about club operations and course maintenance.

“It is great to know that even our modest levels of assistance have made a big difference to our Buddy Club”.

In addition to Golf NSW, the Golf Managers Association (NSW) and the PGA of Australia (NSW/ACT Division) also support the Buddy Club program.

Further Information:

Golf NSW is equipped to help affiliated clubs with Local, State and Federal Government grant assistance.

Local communities, sporting organisations and councils have numerous opportunities throughout the year to apply for grants supporting various projects and infrastructures.

Applicants will be required to identify the type of projects they are seeking a grant for.  These can range from sport development, community sports events, sports access and facility development.  Conditions apply.

Please review the crtieria to see if you club fits the grants guidelines.  If you have any questions or need help with applying for these grants please contact: 

For further information, please contact Golf NSW on (02) 9505 9105 or Wynter Hines via email: wynter.hines@golfnsw.org.au

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For further information, please contact Golf NSW on (02) 9505 9105 or Wynter Hines via email: wynter.hines@golfnsw.org.au

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