Amateur Status

Amateur Status, Rules and Decisions

To view the full range of Decisions on Amateur status from the Royal & Ancient, please visit:

Reinstatement of Amateur Status

A comprehensive set of Changes to the Rules of Golf surrounding Amateur Status came into effect on January 1st, 2022. for more info, please visit the Golf Australia site HERE

Should you wish to apply for the reinstatement of your Amateur Status, please download and complete the following form.

Please then email the form to:

Prizes - GA Amateur Status regulations

The  link below is for the information of golf clubs, event organisers, and amateur golfers in general in relation to the awarding of prizes.

It applies to regular golf competitions as well as longest drive, nearest the pin, putting, hole-in-one, and other similar events in which golf skill is a factor.

The descriptions in the link below have been comprehensively updated to reflect the changes to Amateurism under the Rules of Golf, Beginning on January 1st, 2022.

HP Candidate/Athlete Advice

In addition to the general advice surrounding Amateur Status for 2022, Golf Australia has issued the following document for HP candidates and their concerned relatives:

Guidelines for Amateur Sponsored Events

As a general rule an amateur golfer cannot accept expenses to compete in a golf competition. A number of exceptions apply and these are set out in Amateur Status Rule 4-2. They include family support, junior events, team events, and support from national and state golf associations.

Each year Golf Australia is asked to approve a small number of sponsored handicap competitions under Rule 4-2g of the Rules of Amateur Status, thereby allowing the organisers or sponsors of such events to pay expenses (ie travel and accommodation costs) on behalf of competitors.

For More info:

For Information about Rules, Ratings and the handicapping system contact Andrew Robb, Manager Rules, Handicapping and Course Rating:
or by phone:  02 9505 9105

Download - The New Rules of Golf