About Us

Golf NSW is the peak representative body for the sport in New South Wales.
Our role is to encourage participation, fellowship, fair play, and the well-being of our member clubs and districts.

Golf NSW manages fields as diverse as the Rules of Golf, Amateur Status, course ratings, handicapping, high performance, development, participation, competitions including inter-club, district, interstate tournaments, Men’s, Women’s State Amateur and Open Championships.

Golf NSW also offers guidance to affiliated golf clubs and District Associations on various legal, financial, industrial, political and administrative issues as required to ensure that the wellbeing of the sport is maintained.


Her Excellency, The Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales.

Patron Member Clubs

Royal Sydney Golf Club and The Australian Golf Club

Golf NSW Board

Chairman: Mr Michael Medway
Deputy Chair: Ms Mandy Henry
Chair of Finance: Ms Kaye Dalton


Mr Stephen Browne
Ms Kaye Dalton
Ms Meralyn Fage
Mr Andrew Fraser
Mr Grant Harding
Ms Mandy Henry
Mr Michael Medway
Mr Peter Mitchell 
Ms Tegan Purcell
Mr Matthew Ward

Committees 2023-2024


Ms Kaye Dalton (Chair)
Steve Browne
Meralyn Fage
Peter Mitchell


Mandy Henry (Chair)
Michael Medway
Peter Mitchell

Strategic Projects

Steve Browne (Chair)
Kaye Dalton
Andrew Fraser
Tegan Purcell

Golf Australia Delegates

Mandy Henry
Michael Medway
Matt Ward

JNJG Board Delegates

Stuart Fraser
Mandy Henry
Michael Medway

NSW Golf Foundation
Board of Governors

Ms Tegan Purcell (Chair)
Meralyn Fage
Grant Harding
Peter Mitchell

Golf Committee

Mr Matthew Ward (Chair)
Grant Harding
Peter Mitchell
Tegan Purcell


Life & Honorary Members

Life Members

Mr Chris Allen
Mr John Buckley
Mr Ian Chomley
Mr Stuart Cox
Mrs Sue Fabian
Mr Ian Fraser
Mr Anthony Gresham OAM
Mr John Higson
Mr Alex Mercer OAM
Mr Bruce Nairn OAM
Mr Kevin Owens
Mr Geoffrey Simmons
Mr Ray Vize*
Mr John Waanders


Honorary Members

Ms Marjorie Askew
Mrs Leonie Busch
Mrs Frances Crampton AM
Mrs Carol Humphreys
Mr Gary Linford
Mrs Helen Lowe
Mrs Mim McCutcheon
Mrs Didy McLaurin
Mrs Sue Ross
Mrs Barbara Uttley



There are 372 Clubs in the ACT & NSW divided into three metropolitan zones and 33 country district regions. To find a club, district association or metropolitan zone click on the links below:

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